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Every year, we reduce our environmental footprint by diverting 90 percent of event waste from landfill and by decreasing our energy consumption. The MTCC was the first convention centre in Canada to give our customers the option to use clean energy with Bullfrog Power. We were also first in North America to collaborate with the app Voyage Control to reduce CO2 emissions during event move-in and move-out.

In many instances, planning an event or meeting that is environmentally friendly can also reduce cleaning costs and save time. Strategies include recycling, using non-toxic green cleaning products, donating leftover items/food, using green electricity and choosing local food offerings.

We support local farms and businesses by purchasing local ingredients in large volume. 100% of wine and 65% of all food and beverage items procured by the centre last year were locally sourced.

Waste Diversion
We redirect 90% of the waste produced in our facility from landfills. In 2019/20, we diverted or recycled almost one million kilograms of waste.

Green Roof
Our South Building is home to a seven-acre green space, complete with a park for public enjoyment. Our green roof reduces energy consumption, cooling costs, and creates an overall beautiful city space.

Energy Conservation
We conserve energy by incorporating LED lighting in a large portion of our North building and by implementing energy conservation guidelines that all departments follow. In our North Building alone, we recently changed 3,886 bulbs to LED, which saves 565,852.20 KW-hr of electricity per year.

Rooftop Bees
We operate six beehives on the roof of our South building. Each hive is home to 50,000 bees which help support the preservation of essential pollinators in our city to producing delicious honey for our culinary team.

Renewable Energy
The MTCC was the first convention centre in Canada to offer clients clean power with Bullfrog Power. We provide all planners the ability to offset all greenhouse gas emissions created by your event by purchasing renewable energy. Bullfrog ensures that for every kWh of electricity used, a kWh of pollution-free, renewable source is put back into the grid on your behalf.

Move In/Out
Our facility was the first convention centre in North America to partner with Voyage Control to reduce traffic and carbon monoxide emissions in the local area. This is accomplished by eliminating idle time in of all vehicles in our parking lots and those carrying exhibitor materials. Instead of having to wait at the marshalling yard, exhibitors schedule a time to deliver materials directly to our facility. Ask your Event about Voyage Control for more information.

Deep Water Cooling
Our facility was the first in Toronto to be on Enwave Energy’s Deep Lake Water Cooling system. This unique system uses cold water extracted from Lake Ontario to cool our South Building allowing for a significant reductions in GHG emissions & electrical consumption.