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Hand sanitizer stations are placed throughout the facility at employee entrances, in high contact areas such as entrance ways and in other strategic areas throughout the facility. These include reception areas, lobbies,  exhibit hall entrances, and elevator and escalator landings.

The frequency of cleaning and sanitizing has been increased in all public spaces with an emphasis on frequent contact surfaces. These surfaces include but are not limited to counters, desks, elevators and elevator buttons, door handles, public washrooms, ATMs, escalator and stair handrails, push plates, handrails, ramps, telephones, point of sale terminals, tables and chairs.

Please note that health and safety entry requirements (i.e. proof of vaccination, masking) will vary by event. Please contact your event directly for more details.

All washrooms are frequently sanitized throughout the facility. This includes the disinfection of door handles, push plates, sink faucets, counters, toilet  handles, lids of sanitary napkin disposal containers, soap and paper  towel dispenser handles, baby changing stations, and trash receptacles.  To avoid the spread of airborne microorganisms, hand dryers have been disabled.

We continue to innovate and find solutions to streamline move in and move out procedures. To avoid crowding, exhibitors are able to use our loading dock management system, Voyage Control.  It allows exhibitors to schedule their drop off/pick up time via an online app.

Yes, our facility continues to offer our wheelchair lending program, with increased disinfection protocols in place.