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Vegetarian Vegetarian    Nut-friendly Nut Friendly    gluten-friendly Gluten Friendly    Lactose-friendly Lactose Friendly

Prices subject to 13% HST and 18% administrative charge pursuant to your contractual agreement. An administrative charge (18%) is added to your bill for this catered event/function (or comparable service). 6.65% of the total amount of this charge is used to defray the cost of house expenses and will be maintained by the MTCC. 11.35% of the total amount of this administrative charge is distributed to employees providing the service including servers, bartenders and porters.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Continental | $28 per person

Minimum 10 people per order

Orange, apple & cranberry juices (choice of two (2) juice selections for 50 people and under)

Breakfast loaves Vegetarian  
Pecan maple, matcha mandarin, whole-wheat raspberry

Skyr lemon curd yogurt cup  Vegetarian Nut-friendly gluten-friendly

Honey baked fruit & nut granola clusters  Vegetarian

Superfood smoothie bowl Vegetarian gluten-friendly 
Vanilla super seed, green smoothie, mixed berry protein

Whole fruit
Apples, bananas, fresh cut orange wedges

Freshly brewed Starbucks regular/decaffeinated coffee & Tea Squared specialty teas

Deluxe Continental | $31 per person

Minimum 10 people per order

Freshly squeezed orange, grapefruit & apple raspberry juices
(Choice of two (2) juice selections for 50 people & under)

Freshly baked “coffee house” breakfast selections
– Tray bakes (blueberry oat, banana cream cheese, digestive fruit bar) Vegetarian Nut-friendly
– Assorted superfood protein energy bites (apple pie, matcha bliss, double chocolate) Vegetarian gluten-friendly Lactose-friendly
– Assorted baby loaves (cherry lime with vanilla custard, banana with dark chocolate ganache) Vegetarian Nut-friendly

Selection of smoked & cured meats, Canadian smoked salmon, cheeses, fresh brioche Nut-friendly

Build your own Skyr station  Vegetarian
Fresh cut fruit, berry compote & granola

Fresh cut orange wedges

Freshly brewed Starbucks regular/decaffeinated coffee & Tea Squared specialty teas

Cross Fit Continental | $33 per person

Minimum 10 people per order

Low-fat yogurt power smoothies and superfood juices (select two (2) of the following)
– Lactose friendly MTCC matcha smoothie Vegetarian Nut-friendly gluten-friendly Lactose-friendly
– Banana mango power shake Vegetarian Nut-friendly gluten-friendly 
– Fresh squeezed orange juice Vegetarian Nut-friendly gluten-friendly Lactose-friendly

Coconut mango chia pudding Vegetarian Nut-friendly gluten-friendly 

Overnight oats with almonds, chocolate & dried fruits Vegetarian

Peanut butter & jam brioche fingers Vegetarian

Fresh berries

Seasonal cut fruit shards

Build your own protein power breakfast:
– Cheese selection Vegetarian Nut-friendly gluten-friendly
– Shaved smoked turkey, hard boiled eggs Nut-friendly gluten-friendly
– Vine tomato, bean salad, chopped kale & baby spinach, edamame hummus Vegetarian Nut-friendly gluten-friendly Lactose-friendly

Freshly brewed Starbucks regular/decaffeinated coffee & Tea Squared specialty teas

Build your own Buffet Breakfast | $36 per person

Minimum 40 people | $5 surcharge per person

Selection of orange, apple & cranberry juices

House baked seasonal strudel and breakfast loaves Vegetarian Nut-friendly

Fruit shard platters

Select one (1) of the following:
– Scrambled eggs with fresh herbs Vegetarian Nut-friendly gluten-friendly Lactose-friendly
– Scrambled eggs, Brie & roasted red pepper Vegetarian Nut-friendly gluten-friendly
– Rustic Mediterranean frittata cups Vegetarian Nut-friendly gluten-friendly 

Select two (2) of the following:
– Thick cut Ontario bacon Nut-friendly gluten-friendly Lactose-friendly
– Canadian back bacon Nut-friendly gluten-friendly Lactose-friendly
– Chicken sage sausage  Nut-friendly gluten-friendly
– Artisan sausages  Nut-friendly gluten-friendly

Select one (1) of the following:
– Caramelized onion & new potato sauté Vegetarian Nut-friendly gluten-friendly Lactose-friendly
– Smokey cheddar & herb shredded potato cakes Vegetarian Nut-friendly gluten-friendly 
– Rustic red skin skillet potatoes Vegetarian Nut-friendly gluten-friendly Lactose-friendly
– Roasted sweet potato wedges, sea salt & scallions Vegetarian Nut-friendly gluten-friendly Lactose-friendly

Freshly brewed Starbucks regular/decaffeinated coffee & Tea Squared specialty teas

Plated Breakfast | $38 per person

Minimum 50 people

Orange juice

Berry yogurt cups Vegetarian Nut-friendly gluten-friendly

Selection of ‘coffee house’ breakfast pastries Vegetarian

MTCC breakfast bowl Nut-friendly gluten-friendly Lactose-friendly
Farm fresh local poached eggs, roasted cluster tomatoes, asparagus, kale & spinach sauté, rustic red skin potatoes, chicken sage sausages, olive oil chive hollandaise

Freshly brewed Starbucks regular/decaffeinated coffee & Tea Squared specialty teas

Breakfast Enhancements

Breakfast bundle (minimum 10 people) | $19 per person per break period
– Croissants (plain, raspberry, praline, custard & chocolate chip) Vegetarian
– Danish pastry (cinnamon roll, apple, mango & maple Danish) Vegetarian Nut-friendly
– Juice (choice of two (2): orange, apple, cranberry)
– Freshly brewed Starbucks regular/decaffeinated coffee & Tea Squared specialty teas

Breakfast hors d’oeuvres | $48 per dozen
– Spiced maple bacon, fig & prune skewers Nut-friendly Lactose-friendly
– Vine tomato, leek & goat cheese tarts Vegetarian Nut-friendly
– Mini peanut butter & jam stuffed French toast on cranberry loaf Vegetarian Lactose-friendly

Mini muffins (minimum 1 dozen per flavour) | $44 per dozen
– Banana pecan Vegetarian 
– Cinnamon streusel Vegetarian Nut-friendly
– Apple bran Vegetarian Nut-friendly
– Chocolate espresso Vegetarian Nut-friendly 

Mini cronuts Vegetarian Nut-friendly  | $56 per dozen

Vegan & gluten friendly pumpkin spice mini muffins Vegetarian Nut-friendly gluten-friendly Lactose-friendly | $44 per dozen

Individual oatmeal cup Lactose-friendly | $5.50 per person

Fresh fruit & berry sangria cups Vegetarian Nut-friendly gluten-friendly Lactose-friendly | $56 per dozen

On-the-move breakfast with farm fresh eggs (minimum 10 per item)$14 each
– BREAKFAST PANINI with charred red peppers, oven dried vine tomato, pancetta, fontina cheese & onion jam Nut-friendly
– VEGETARIAN BREAKFAST WRAP Brie, leek, tomato Vegetarian Nut-friendly
– BREAKFAST FRITTATA CUPS zucchini, peppers, tomatoes & mozzarella cheese Vegetarian Nut-friendly gluten-friendly
– BREAKFAST MONTE CRISTO sundried tomato & red pepper foccacia, shaved ham, Swiss cheese, stewed leeks Nut-friendly

Build your own cross fit breakfast bowl (minimum 2 dozen)$12 each
– Cheese selection Vegetarian Nut-friendly gluten-friendly 
– Shaved smoked turkey, hard boiled eggs Nut-friendly gluten-friendly Lactose-friendly
– Vine tomato, bean salad, chopped kale & baby spinach, edamame hummus Vegetarian Nut-friendly gluten-friendly Lactose-friendly

Gourmet benny station (with chef attendant | minimum 30 people)$16 per person
– Farm fresh poached eggs, house made pancetta, mushroom sauté, wilted kale, summer squash hollandaise, rosemary focaccia Nut-friendly  Lactose-friendly
– Farm fresh poached eggs, lobster salad, shaved asparagus red pepper, wilted spinach, toasted brioche, tarragon calamansi hollandaise Nut-friendly  

Greek yogurt station Vegetarian (minimum 20 people)$9.75 per person
– Fresh fruits
– Berries
– Muesli
– Local honey

Fresh fruit platter (minimum 10 people)$11.75 per person

Whole fruit | $4 each

Individually bottled pure squeezed juices (250ml) | $7 each

Breakfast loaves | $39 per loaf
– Bergamot lavender Vegetarian Nut-friendly
– Pineapple coconut passionfruit Vegetarian Nut-friendly
– Double chocolate chip Vegetarian Nut-friendly

Filled baby loaves (minimum 1 dozen per flavour) | $56 per dozen
– Cherry lime, vanilla custard Vegetarian Nut-friendly 
– Banana, dark chocolate ganache Vegetarian Nut-friendly

Scones (minimum 1 dozen per flavour) | $49 per dozen
– Citrus ginger, Devonshire cream & berry compote Vegetarian Nut-friendly
– Chai pear, Devonshire cream & berry compote Vegetarian Nut-friendly
– Coconut vanilla, Devonshire cream & berry compote Vegetarian Nut-friendly 

Artisan bagels Nut-friendly | $57 per dozen
Cream cheese, fruit preserves & butter

Assorted superfood protein energy bites Vegetarian gluten-friendly Lactose-friendly  | $48 per dozen
Super berry, matcha bliss, apple pie protein

Hard boiled egg in shell  Nut-friendly gluten-friendly Lactose-friendly (minimum 2 dozen) | $3 each

Fresh baked croissants (plain, chocolate & almond) Vegetarian | $56 per dozen
Butter & preserves