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Vegetarian Vegetarian    Nut-friendly Nut Friendly    gluten-friendly Gluten Friendly    Lactose-friendly Lactose Friendly

Prices subject to 13% HST and 18% administrative charge pursuant to your contractual agreement. An administrative charge (18%) is added to your bill for this catered event/function (or comparable service). 6.65% of the total amount of this charge is used to defray the cost of house expenses and will be maintained by the MTCC. 11.35% of the total amount of this administrative charge is distributed to employees providing the service including servers, bartenders and porters.

Prices subject to change without notice.


Decadent chocolate brownies & blondies Vegetarian Nut-friendly | $45 per dozen

Homestyle cookies Vegetarian | $43 per dozen

Mini French pastries | $62 per dozen

Cupcakes Vegetarian Nut-friendly | $59 per dozen

Cupcakes with logo Vegetarian Nut-friendly | $83 per dozen

Chewy homestyle power bars Vegetarian | $37 per dozen

Granola & cereal bars Vegetarian | $4 each

Individual yogurt Vegetarian Nut-friendly gluten-friendly | $57 per dozen

Retro ice creams Vegetarian | $60 per dozen

Artisan popsicle cart Vegetarian Nut-friendly gluten-friendly Lactose-friendly | $4.75 each

Chocolate bars Vegetarian | $46 per dozen

Individual potato chips & pretzels Vegetarian Nut-friendly Lactose-friendly | $45 per dozen

Kettle chips, chive & sour cream dip Vegetarian Nut-friendly gluten-friendly  | $4.75 per person

Individual bag of dried fruits & nuts Vegetarian gluten-friendly Lactose-friendly | $57 per dozen

Homemade dessert squares (minimum 1 dozen per flavour)$45 per dozen
– Apple oatmeal squares  Vegetarian Nut-friendly
– Salted caramel & dark chocolate  Vegetarian Nut-friendly
– Mini assorted tarts (sugar, strawberry rhubarb, key lime, lemon)  Vegetarian 

Beverage À-La-Carte

***Cold beverages ordered for meetings of 50 people or more will be charged on consumption.***

Freshly brewed Starbucks regular/decaffeinated coffee | $88 per gallon

Tea Squared specialty teas | $88 per gallon

Orange, grapefruit & apple juices (6 x 200ml portions) | $34 per carafe

Bottled juices | $4.75 each

Chilled soft drinks/iced tea | $5 each

Still water | $4.50 each

Sparkling water | $5 each

Infused water station | $44 per 2 gallons
Orange lemon-lime, cucumber mint

Hot chocolate station  Vegetarian gluten-friendly (minimum 50 cups) | $325 per 50 portions
Local organic 2% milk infused with dark cocoa/chocolate & topped with marshmallows, chiselled chocolate & spun cream