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Digital Signage & Advertising Opportunities

Our facility offers unique digital signage opportunities that will take your advertising strategy to the next level and engage your attendees in an impactful way.

Five new digital walls are positioned in strategic, high traffic areas around the Centre. They add to our existing roster of 30 general purpose, two exterior LED marquees and 77 meeting room signs.

Digital Signage

Create a more holistic experience at your event for attendees and sponsors by using our digital signs. Showcasing engaging imagery, games, videos and animation on our digital walls will help enhance your brand presence and will bring the entire event experience to life.

There are many unique and interesting ways a planner can take digital to the next level.  Here are a few examples:

Dynamic Video

Video is a trend we can no longer ignore, and our digital signs are the best way for your video to make an impact on your attendees.

Static Images

Images of any type can be displayed on our digital screens. A few ideas include photos, a special message from the company president, your logo or sponsor logos, and wayfinding indications that show attendees exactly where to go.

Live Social Media Feeds

A live feed of tweets and photos can be displayed on our massive digital screens. This is an effective way to promote your event #hashtag and remind attendees to engage with each other, your content, exhibitors and/or speakers.

Interesting Facts, Trivia

Engage your attendees in a new way with fun and informative facts or trivia questions about your conference topic or organization. Provide your event #hashtag for further social media buzz and discussion.

For more information on our digital screens, please contact Ryan Partridge, Chief Information Officer at