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Vegetarian Vegetarian    Nut-friendly Nut Friendly    gluten-friendly Gluten Friendly    Lactose-friendly Lactose Friendly

Prices below are in effect as of April 1, 2017 to July 31, 2018.
Prices subject to 13% HST and 18% administrative charge pursuant to your contractual agreement.
An administrative charge (18%) is added to your bill for this catered event / function (or comparable service). 6.65% of the total amount of this charge is used to defray the cost of house expenses and will be maintained by the MTCC. 11.35% of the total amount of this administrative charge is distributed to employees providing the service including servers, bartenders and porters.
Prices subject to change without notice.


Select 1 First Course, 1 Second Course and 1 Dessert
All plated lunches are served with rustic breads, freshly brewed Lavazza coffee & tea

First Course

Seasonal soup
Prepared using fresh ingredients. Ask your catering professional for our current selections.

Baby greens, herbs & sprouts, shaved seasonal vegetables, organic carrot vinaigrette  Vegetarian  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly  Lactose-friendly

Vine tomato salad, fior de latte, crushed basil EVOO, balsamic reduction  Vegetarian  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly

Grilled seasonal vegetable antipasto, white bean fennel garlic hummus, eggplant & tomato confit  Vegetarian  gluten-friendly  Lactose-friendly

Second Course

Roast chicken orecchiette  Nut-friendly  $48.00
Charred peppers, baby spinach, grape tomatoes, braised garlic parmesan cream

Braised beef short rib rigatoni  Nut-friendly  $49.00
Seared mushrooms, spinach, charred red pepper & tomato, goat cheese & fresh herbs

Seared local chicken brie & thyme glaze, roasted grapes  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly  $50.00
Caramelized onion, fingerlings, seasonal vegetables

Braised Ontario chicken  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly  $52.00
Squash ribbons & baby vegetables, sauvignon blanc tarragon cream

Seared Atlantic salmon  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly  $54.00
Leek risotto, wilted greens, corn chowder

Roasted Ontario pork chop  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly  Lactose-friendly  $53.00
Apple, fennel & pepper squash ratatouille, roasted blackberry, five spice jus

Seared local beef medallions  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly  $55.00
Roasted mushrooms, goat cheese polenta frits, kale & leek fricassee, ripasso jus


Cinnamon chocolate truffle cake  Vegetarian  Nut-friendly
Vanilla rum pineapple carpaccio

Espresso tart, caramelized bananas  Vegetarian  Nut-friendly

White chocolate, outrageous brownie slice, mango, fresh berries  Nut-friendly

Tahitian vanilla New York cheesecake  Vegetarian  Nut-friendly
Strawberry tartare

Crema Catalan, citrus salsa, raspberry foam Vegetarian  Nut-friendly  Gluten Friendly

Set Buffets

Minimum 40ppl / $5.00 surcharge per person if less than 40ppl

All lunch buffets served with rustic breads, freshly brewed Lavazza coffee & tea

Passage to Asia

$50.00 / person

Coconut curry soup

Asian vegetable chow mein noodle salad with a chili soy yuzo dressing  Vegetarian  Nut-friendly  Lactose-friendly

Shredded kale & shaved vegetable salad with ginger dressing  Vegetarian  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly  Lactose-friendly

Vegetarian spring & maki rolls, kimchi, wasabi & soy  Vegetarian  Nut-friendly  Lactose-friendly

Seared coastal snapper, grilled scallions, Asian pesto  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly  Lactose-friendly

Five spice braised beef side ribs with charred shishito peppers  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly  Lactose-friendly

Stir-fried gai lan & peppers, sesame oil & garlic  Vegetarian  gluten-friendly  Lactose-friendly

Jasmine lime leaf rice  Vegetarian  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly  Lactose-friendly

Sticky rice with fresh mango, turon, puto  Vegetarian  Nut-friendly

Southern Comfort

$48.00 / person

File gumbo with jalapeño johnnycake  Nut-friendly

Heirloom tomato, red onion, avocado & black-eyed peas, charred pepper salad, smoky chipotle onion dressing  Vegetarian  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly  Lactose-friendly

Creamy coleslaw  Vegetarian  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly

Southern buttermilk fried chicken, spicy corn & okra ragout  Nut-friendly

Grilled spicy sausage, sautéed greens, dirty rice risotto  Nut-friendly

Baked eggplant & tomato, squash & bean ragout  Vegetarian  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly  Lactose-friendly

Bourbon pecan tarts, hummingbird cake, sweet potato cheesecake  Vegetarian


$49.50 / person

Fire roasted tomato & red pepper bisque, caramelized fennel, EVOO drizzle  Vegetarian  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly  Lactose-friendly

Italian greens, herbs, chicories, olives, focaccia croutons, crisp pancetta, parmesan shards, roasted garlic, capers, lemon vinaigrette  Nut-friendly

Pasta salad – handmade pasta, charred vegetables, sundried olives, herb vinaigrette  Vegetarian  Nut-friendly

Duo of fire grilled lamb chops & braised merguez sausages, red pepper goat cheese polenta, ripasso jus  Nut-friendly

Mini chicken parmesan, San Marzano chunky vine tomato sauce  Nut-friendly

Tuscan pane pizza  Nut-friendly

Italian inspired mushroom risotto, roasted garlic, baby spinach, aged parmesan  Vegetarian  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly

Ratatouille of vegetables  Vegetarian  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly  Lactose-friendly

Cannoli, tiramisu, limoncello panna cotta & biscotti

Canada 150*

$54.00 / person

Nova Scotia seafood chowder, cheddar cheese biscuits  Nut-friendly

Artisan cheese board & local charcuterie, rustic breads, spreads, pickled vegetables

Cookstown greens, sprouts, herbs, shaved vegetables, natural reductions in olive oil  Vegetarian  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly  Lactose-friendly

Roast local free run chicken, baby vegetables, sliced creamers, herb jus  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly  Lactose-friendly

Seared Alberta AAA beef medallions, marinated top sirloin, roasted shallots, green beans, cabernet jus  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly  Lactose-friendly

Greenbelt market vegetables  Vegetarian  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly  Lactose-friendly

Roasted heirloom potatoes with herbs  Vegetarian  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly  Lactose-friendly

Rum raisin maple butter tart, Nanaimo mousse, maple brûlée

*Note: Buns are not served with this buffet. Rustic breads are included with the cheese display

Middle Eastern

$49.00 / person

Chick pea and lentil soup  Vegetarian  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly  Lactose-friendly

Kachumbari tomato salad  Vegetarian  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly  Lactose-friendly

Vegetarian couscous salad with cucumber mint dressing  Vegetarian  Nut-friendly

Cashew & cumin crusted chicken with crushed squash and aromatic jus  Lactose-friendly

Moroccan flank steak, charred peppers and za’atar spice  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly  Lactose-friendly

Saffron basmati pilaf, caramelized onion & fennel, raisins, exotic fruit salsa  Vegetarian  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly  Lactose-friendly

Vegetable tagine  Vegetarian  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly  Lactose-friendly

Housemade baklava, basbousa, Turkish delight, rosewater semolina bites  Vegetarian

Working Lunch

Working Lunch Option #1

$42.00 / person
Minimum 30 person order, $5.00 surcharge per person if less than 30ppl

Choice of 1 salad
Choice of 3 sandwiches
Coffee & tea

Working Lunch Option #2

$44.00 / person
Minimum 30 person order, $5.00 surcharge per person if less than 30ppl

Choice of 2 salads
Choice of 4 sandwiches
Coffee & tea

Boxed Lunch

$28.00 / person
Minimum 30 person order, $5.00 surcharge per person if less than 30ppl

Choice of 1 salad
Choice of 3 sandwiches


Seasonal soup
Prepared using fresh ingredients. Ask your catering professional for our current selections.


Build your own MTCC chef salad*  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly
Roast chicken, smoked ham, aged chiselled Balderson cheese, charred peppers, chopped tomato salsa

Rustic potato salad  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly  Lactose-friendly
Grain mustard, cracklings

Bean salad  Vegetarian  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly  Lactose-friendly
Red pepper, mango, cilantro dressing

Baby greens, fresh berries and crumbled goat cheese, balsamic fig vinaigrette*  Vegetarian  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly

Vine tomato & cucumber salad, basil & celery dressing  Vegetarian  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly  Lactose-friendly

*Not available for boxed lunches


Roast beef  Nut-friendly
Shaved slow roasted beef, vine tomato confit, aged white cheddar, crunchy sprouts & shaved lettuce, cracked pepper garlic chive mayo

Smoked turkey  Nut-friendly
Smoke roasted local turkey, Oka cheese, sage & butternut squash spread, microgreens, artisan cranberry bread

Ham & cheese  Nut-friendly
Shaved black forest ham, smoked Gouda, leek and Kozlik’s grainy maple mustard

Roasted chicken  Nut-friendly
Shaved chicken, apple celery slaw, havarti, treviso & coriander sprouts, curry mustard mayo

Italian deli  Nut-friendly
Cured and smoked meats, marinated Mediterranean vegetable bruschetta, mascarpone basil spread, shredded romaine

Traditional tuna salad  Nut-friendly
Flaked tuna, shaved lettuce, citrus mayo, potato bread

Moroccan grilled vegetable skewer  Vegetarian
Falafel, halloumi, harissa hummus, folded pita

Roasted portobello and eggplant  Vegetarian  Nut-friendly
Chunky tomato pesto, chopped baby kale, garlic goat cheese, savoury ciabatta


Fruit shards & cookie  Vegetarian

Boxed Lunch Enhancements & Upgrades

Sandwich & Salad Upgrades

Smoked Atlantic salmon bagel  Nut-friendly  $3.00 each
Chive cream cheese, shaved onions, lemon cress

Shaved beef tenderloin  Nut-friendly  $4.00 each
Slow roasted Black Angus, charred red pepper salsa, 5 year Balderson cheddar on pretzel bun

Lobster / shrimp salad sandwich  Nut-friendly  $5.00 each
Low fat tarragon mayo, crunchy celery, peppers & sprouts


Snack Enhancements

Artisan cheese wedges  Vegetarian  Nut-friendly  gluten-friendly  $2.00 each

Millionaire’s shortbread  Nut-friendly  $3.75 each