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Sustainable Meeting Solutions

We encourage planners to look at even small ways that they can promote sustainability and reduce their event’s environmental footprint. In many instances, planning an event or meeting that is environmentally friendly can also reduce cleaning costs and save time.

Listed below you will find several easy ways to can make your event a bit greener.

Opt for Green Electricity

Consider green electricity. At the MTCC, we partner with Bullfrog power. Bullfrog makes sure that for every kWh of electricity you use, a kWh from a pollution-free, renewable source is put on the grid on your behalf. To estimate how much Green Power you can substitute, simply use this handy calculator.

Ask your Event Manager

Communicate with your venue event manager that sustainability is important for your meeting. If possible, include it in the RFP. Take a look at your event’s footprint and identify which aspect of the event could make the most impact. If you have many exhibitors, encourage them to recycle or take part in a recycling program. If your event has a large amount of food & beverage, consider a locally sourced menu and avoid waste as much as possible.

Donate Leftover Items

The MTCC partners with organizations that make a difference in our community, including Margaret’s, Diabetes Canada, Red Door Family Shelter, Daily Bread Food Bank and the Toronto District School Board. We are able to help you reduce the environmental footprint of your event while also giving back to the community. Please refer to the Material Donations Program document that supplies you with a list of acceptable items that we accept at the MTCC that would benefit neighboring members of our community.