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Green Facility

Leadership in environmental responsibility is at the heart of all we do at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Long recognized as an outstanding example of a ‘green’ facility, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre endeavors to serve as a global green leader within our industry while also providing clients with sustainable meeting solutions. Our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint is summarized in our Corporate Environmental Policy.

Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability is an issue we are deeply committed to, and seek to attain through a number of different initiatives.

Waste Diversion:

Since our 2015/16 fiscal year, we have successfully diverted 90% of our waste from landfill.

Clean, Green Electricity:

The Metro Toronto Convention Centre was the first convention centre in Canada to offer clean, renewable power (made possible through our partnership with Bullfrog Power). Due to this, we are able to provide all our customers the option to use green energy for their events. If you are interested in helping to foster our commitment to the environment by greening your event, please speak with your Event or Meeting Planner upon booking.

Green Roof:

Our South Building is home to a seven-acre green space, complete with a park and benches for public enjoyment. It provides us with numerous benefits, including reduced energy consumption, a reduction in cooling costs, and beautification of the overall cityscape.

Water Conservation:

Water fixture upgrades in 2012 allowed us to minimize water usage by 15,000m3 per year. Our two large industrial dishwashing units are also not only energy efficient, but they consume significantly less water, which is very important when thousands of dishes are washed every week!

Deep Water Cooling:

The Metro Toronto Convention Centre was the first facility in Toronto to be on Enwave Energy’s Deep Lake Water Cooling system. Launched in 2004, this unique system uses cold water extracted from Lake Ontario to cool the South Building, resulting in significant reductions in electricity consumption and Greenhouse Gas emissions.

Zero Waste Events:

We pioneered the concept of holding large-scale Zero Waste Events and has won numerous awards for this unique approach to recycling.  Now, after a successful 10-year run of Zero Waste Events, the Centre has retired this program as all events hosted can be considered green.

Sustainability Practices

Hosting a sustainable event has never been easier, or more business-savvy; in fact, by booking with us, your event is already greener. Thanks to our rigorous energy conservation and recycling programs, we are able to help you reduce the environmental footprint of your event while also giving back to the community.

Due to our strict purchasing policies, we are able to assure that employees and attendees are not being exposed to toxins from the likes of cleaning products or furniture.

We highly recommend speaking with your Event Manager about our recycling program and community outreach mandate. By having a place for unused objects and food to go, you will be able to eliminate waste while simultaneously giving back through summer camps, local shelters, and more.